Here's What We Do Better

Prefab Ruano is certified ISO 9001, which supports us in the commitment to continuous improvement of our business processes and technology. Produce our products with the highest quality is one of our daily goals.
The customer is the main figure in our organization, every movement, cycle and goals are based on a work philosophy focused on satisfying the customer, which entails a good product, always on time, and meet and exceed the expectations of them.
You possess the latest technologies in terms of shoe machinery is concerned, the same as the materials we use to manufacture our products, we become leaders in our sector.


We manufacture all types of prefabricated soles in all types of materials: Cuerolites, crepelin, EVAs, leather, TPU, TR. Adapted our production to the demands of our customers. We have a design team, which is responsible for developing the samples with innovative designs and cutting-edge materials on the market season after season.

Our production base product whose raw material, leather is 1st quality. The range of possibilities in terms of finishes with which we can give our leather soles ranging from classic to custom soles Soles for each customer or need.
The rubber sole is largely dedicated to our Central European market for its qualities and good resistance to the wettest and coldest climates, providing a high degree of shoe resistance, comfort and durability in these conditions.
Mixed Material in which we can combine in different proportions and shapes, leather materials such as TPU, creating this union new fully present and in perfect harmony with the creations of our customers forms and products.