It was established in Almansa, a city with great tradition in terms of elevation of Quality, at the beginning of 1995, in order to provide the sector with a plus in terms of finishes, materials and service.


Currently, we have a highly qualified team, which allows us to face each of our jobs with the highest level of quality, service and perfection, trying at all times to anticipate the needs of our customers and providing new solutions to Your demands Our main activity center focuses on the manufacture of floors and soles for the footwear industry, highlighting the demand for leather soles, a product in which we are specialized and which we provide to a greater number of customers. In our continuous desire to innovate and anticipate demand, we currently also carry out a large part of our production to Injected floors, Crepe floors and other materials.

The trajectory traveled by Prefabricados Ruano has led us, throughout our journey, to work with national clients of first level to, at present, to have consolidated a wide portfolio of international clients with whom a close relationship has been established and that have found in our company the product they were waiting for its production. Currently, our operating portfolio is as high as our internal market.


Prefabricados Ruano is, today, a company capable of taking on the challenges that each manufacturer can propose for the manufacture of its floors, as well as offering them their production capacity, their trajectory of advances in materials, as well as a tradition in the finishes that guarantee each of the products that are produced in our company, always keeping in mind that quality is our goal.

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We continue with our desire for research and development, and thanking the co-financing of both the Government of Castilla-La Mancha, and the European Union through the ERDF, for the help obtained under the INNOVA program FORWARD IN CASTILLA LA MANCHA.
With the present project, a template has been developed attached to the footwear floor with active substances incorporated in its textile structure that could improve the properties of the skin of the foot, or even alleviate dermatological problems and the consequent development of a new applied textile cosmeto in footwear

It is very important not to stagnate or fall behind in terms of innovation and technology is concerned. Therefore we are constantly alert to any process, machinery product that can position ourselves above the competition.

You possess the latest technologies in terms of shoe machinery is concerned, the same as the materials we use to manufacture our products, we become leaders in our sector.
Prefabricated Ruano to quality means doing things right regardless of the cost or effort to do so. In order to, satisfy the customer, be highly competitive and continuous improvement.

Prefab Ruano is certified ISO 9001, which supports us in the commitment to continuous improvement of our business processes and technology.
One of the cornerstones of our company is to provide good service to the customer, therefore we have a strategy of customer service that differentiates us from others.

The customer is the main figure in our organization, every movement, cycle and goals are based on a work philosophy focused on satisfying the customer, which entails a good product, always on time, and meet and exceed the expectations of them.